Our Price: $629.00

A great-looking, easy to use, large wooden dog crate for upscale in-home confinement of your smaller dog or other small pet.
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Our Price: $909.00

Sale Price: $759.00

READY-TO-SHIP and $150 OFF! A gorgeous and unique BURGUNDY-finished solid OAK hardwood 2' wide by 4' long by 26" tall (all dims. approx.) pet crate.
This 100% premium natural American red oak hardwood pen comes with your choice of floor colors. The gate is on the 2' end and is hinged on the right side (the left side swings).
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Photo 1: Color* and woodgrain example of this crate being sold.
Photo 2: Available floor color* selections.
Photo 3: Crate gate configuration of pen being sold, but this is not a photo of the actual pen being sold (color is not correct).
* Please note that colors are approximate due to variations device displays.

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Our Price: $289.00

Sale Price: $249.00

A 100% American hardwood top cover for your 2' x 4' Pupperton wooden pet pen.

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Our Price: $719.00

Sale Price: $669.00

Rich handcrafted 100% solid hardwood indoor extra-long pet pen with a machine-washable snap-on floor thats 50% larger than our 2'x4' pen to provide even more space to comfortably keep your pet and his/her bed, potty pad, water and food together in a stress-free home within your home!

This pen offers lots of options for gate positioning, and looks great along the foot of your bed or along your bedroom wall - your little puppy can sleep with you without the hazards of actually sleeping with you!

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Our Price: $709.00

The perfect size Pupperton pet pen when a 2x4 is too small and you don't have the space for our flagship 4x4. A fantastic addition to your home with excellent proportions designed to keep your pet safe, secure and happy all day and/or night.

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Our Price: $339.00

A 100% American hardwood top cover for your 4' x 4' Pupperton large wood pet pen.


Our Price: $939.00

Sale Price: $839.00

A top-of-the-line handcrafted 100% solid hardwood indoor dog pen built to keep two small pets separated while confined in one space - a double-pen!

It's our flagship wooden pet pen designed with a removable divider and two gates to comfortably keep your pets and their individual beds, potty pads, water and food separate in their own comfortable areas. The gates can be configured to both open to the outside, or make one an internal pass-thru.

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Our Price: $999.00

READY-TO-SHIP and $400 OFF! A black-lacquer-finished premium maple hardwood pen.
This 4'x4' double-coated black-lacquer (Photo 2), 100% American hard maple pet pen comes with a brown-inside/black underside floor (Photo 3). The gate is hinged on the right side (the left side swings).
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