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How Pupperton Was Born

A note from our founder...

In 2008, my wife and I acquired a new Pompoo (Pomeranian-poodle) puppy for our son, and the whole family was very excited to have this little furry bundle of joy! Almost instantly though, we realized we had a problem: We needed to keep our puppy and our home safe from mutual harm while we were both home, and away - sometimes for over 10 hours straight.

I started researching online, at pet stores, and talking with pet professionals. I found that proper confinement was the overwhelming recommendation. Our family needed a solution that could humanely keep our puppy - and eventually grown dog - happily and comfortably confined for long periods at a time. At the time I couldn’t find a single pen or cage that appeared to be large and secure enough. And we had no room in the house that we could gate off or close the door (which would’ve isolated her anyway). There was NOTHING!

Being an experienced design engineer in several fields, I was "in my element" when I decided to design a solution to this problem myself. Approaching this effort in my favorite fashion and a typical engineering project approach, I set out to create the perfect, optimized pen design that was beautiful, durable, portable, versatile, safe and secure, and easy-to-own – in other words, the best of everything!” A lofty goal indeed, to be sure!

After hundreds of hours of iterative designing, prototyping and testing, I eventually was satisfied that I had devised a solution for my dog that I knew other caring pet owners would like as well; I knew I'd created something special that was unlike anything else on the market. I also realized it would be more expensive than most alternatives due to it's unique features, but it would prove to be a better value over time than those alternatives. It certainly has been for me.

In fact, I was so certain that I had created the perfect solution that I decided to make a business out of it, and Pupperton was born!  Since 2009 when Pupperton was formally launched, the company has built hundreds of pens for dozens of different breeds of dogs, rabbits, cats, even a duck - and of course, their happy owners.

That's my story, and I’d love to hear yours - especially the ones you have using Pupperton products and how well they work for you!

Warm regards,

Steve Shaw, Pupperton Founder

Why Wood - When Done Right - is the Best Material for Your Pet's Pen

Excellence in Engineering and Design

The final design for Pupperton pens took almost two years as we worked hard to determine the right materials, components and assembly process. Our standards were high, because we wanted to create a pen that was as functional as it was beautiful.

Naturally, we tested our pens on our puppies and other volunteers of many sizes, breeds and species -- modifying the design to ultimately ensure that both pets and owners would be delighted with the result. In short, we took no shortcuts in verifying that our products offered the safest, most comfortable and versatile space for any small pet.  We applied this same approach to our gates.

100% American Made

Pupperton® brand products are skillfully handcrafted in the U.S. using only fine woods and materials from other America-based companies. For example, see our Wood and Finish page to see where our wood and finish originate and the care we go take in assessing our "ingredients". From our hardwoods to fabric thread, every aspect and piece is designed and tested repeatedly for quality, strength, safety, and durability.

Committed to Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service for our quality products. We enjoy communicating with our customers and ensure they are 100% satisfied with our handcrafted pens and other products, and offer customization services that no other pet confinement manufacturing company does for individual consumers - free of charge.

Concern for our Environment

Pupperton is based in Minnesota and are especially concerned about our environment. We are committed to using renewable materials that reduce or eliminate adverse environmental impact whenever and wherever possible not only in our products, but in our manufacturing processes as well. We prefer and work with like-minded vendors that employ eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

We are confident in the quality of every product we make, and are happy to work with you to resolve any questions and issues that you may have regarding our products. One of our specialties is to make custom products exactly to your specifications should one of our standard products not be quite right.

Our Lifetime Limited Product Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship supports our strong belief and confidence in the high quality, beautiful products we offer. And to top it all off, we offer free replacement dowels should any become broken or otherwise destroyed by pet or person; simply order your free "dowel repair kit" through our website.

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