Refund Policy

Product Returns and Refunds Policy

Prior to returning a product, you must contact us to let us know.  All requests must be initiated through our contact us web page; all refund correspondence must be done through email to avoid delays.

Standard and Custom Definitions

Standard products are those that can be ordered directly from the Pupperton website/store or other website or store using only selections from the available pull-down menus.

A custom product is one that may have a non-standard size or non-standard finish color, or otherwise has specified different product content than offered in the available store website pull-down menus.

Refunds for Standard Products


  1. If the order is cancelled prior to any work being started on it, the refund is 100% of all money paid.
  2. If the order is cancelled while being built, the refund is 100% of  all money paid less a $25 processing fee to cover finished-part reassignment, restocking, and unique product production startup costs.
  3. If the product is returned unused and undamaged, the refund is 100% of  the product cost less our actual shipping costs to you (even if shipping was not originally charged) and less a 10% handling, restocking and custom re-listing fee.
  4. If the product is returned used or damaged, the refund will be determined by the refurbished product's resale price, less the refurbishment cost and less a $25 processing fee and less the price-equivalent of the floor mat if it has been used or damaged. The floor mat price-equivalent value can be found by clicking Individual Floor Mats, and locating a similar size floor mat that came with your pen, if any.)  I.e., Refund amount = resale price - refurbishment time and materials - $25 - (optional) floor mat price.


Refunds for returned merchandise are available if requested within the first 30 days from original new-product delivery at your door. After 30 days, partial refunds may be considered as a courtesy. Contact Pupperton Customer Service in writing with questions in this regard.

  1. Please allow up to 7 business days for refunds to be processed for cancelled orders that did not yet ship from Pupperton.
  2. Please allow up to 1 month or until the product is resold - whichever comes sooner - for refunds to be processed for returned items.

Refunds for Custom Products

Refunds for custom products are not available, except when the product is returned unused and undamaged, as follows: You agree to let Pupperton or one of its affiliate stores post the product for sale, and when sold, the refund will be for the sale amount less a 35% seller's fee. Contact Pupperton Customer Service to begin a more detailed dialog regarding this process.

Additional Information

Unless otherwise stated, refunds are issued within 21 days of returned product being delivered to our factory. The return address is Pupperton, 637 Hayward Av. N., Oakdale, MN 55128.

Refunds are first attempted by reversing the payment; success of this sometimes depends on the time between the sale date and the refund date. The last alternative is for Pupperton to issue a refund check.

All returned products are video-recorded to authenticate receipt condition. Recording begins just prior to opening the package and terminates upon examination completion. The returned-product video will be available upon request should a discrepancy occur, and will be retained for a minimum of 30 days after any refund has been paid.

Any original shipping costs paid by the consumer will not be refunded; refunds apply only to the product. Shipping costs for returned products are the responsibility of the purchaser.